Turning Oil & Gas Interests into Cash

The Right Offer for Your Interests

Fort Worth Mineral Co. specializes in acquiring producing and non-producing oil and gas interests of all sizes across the United States. With a solid reputation for consistently extending the highest offers in the industry, we provide mineral, royalty, and working interest owners a smart, secure option for monetizing their ownership stakes. 

A Leader in Mineral, Royalty & Working Interest Acquisitions

To date, Fort Worth Mineral Co. and its management team have closed over 1,400 transactions, acquiring mineral and royalty interests in over 11,000 oil and gas wells, covering 814,000 gross acres in 12 states.

Why Sell Your Assets?

From settling an estate to taking advantage of today’s historically low capital gains rates, there are myriad reasons to explore selling your interests.

How We Value Assets

Our detailed evaluation process takes into account a wide variety of factors to help hone in on value.