Fort Worth Mineral Co.

Producing & Non-Producing Mineral Interests

Fort Worth Mineral Co. is a privately owned company that acquires producing and non-producing mineral interests, primarily in active shale plays across the United States. Shale plays are contiguous hydrocarbon-rich formations spanning hundreds, if not thousands, of square miles deep beneath the surface of the earth. Because of the contiguous nature of the rock, shale plays exhibit consistent geology and pressure characteristics, which allow more precise asset valuation on an acre-by-acre basis –– thus allowing oil and gas interest owners an opportunity to monetize their ownership stakes.

Fort Worth Mineral Co. recently partnered with Natural Gas Partners through its most recent fund, NGP Natural Resources XI, L.P. Management has closed over 1,400 transactions, acquiring mineral and royalty interests in over 11,000 oil and gas wells, covering 814,000 gross acres in 12 states.

Oil & Gas Wells
Gross Acres

Why Mineral Interests?

Energy asset ownership has long been used as a hedge against inflation and adverse market performance. A blend of non-producing and producing assets can deliver a blend of short, medium, and long-term potential revenue streams resulting from producing royalties, periodic payments of lease bonuses, and lease extension option payments.